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Australian Native Stingless Bees love living in suburban environments. Often they will find themselves in small areas that are well shaded with adequate ventilation and most often will go unseen and unnoticed by the general population. Unfortunately from time to time, our little friends become somewhat of an inconvenience and residents ask to have them removed safely and relocated. Most often we find them nesting in water meter pits, termite inspection pits, Telstra pits, building foundations, downpipes or even garden beds. 


Australian Native Stingless Bee all too often lose their homes due to the clearing of land for subdivisions. If you live in the Wide Bay region (QLD), we're more than happy to scout the land to rescue any and all bees and safely relocate them, in preparation for clearing. 


If you are ever in doubt please contact us, we are always happy to investigate any situation, completely free of charge (Wide Bay region only).

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