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At Bee Prepared we're here to provide everything you may need to join us in our mission to conserve Australian Native Stingless Bees. From educational assistance to tools and equipment. 


With the continued clearing of native vegetation, along with our devastating bush fires, our native Bees are sadly losing their homes and resources rapidly. We are working hard to rescue, repopulate and create a safe habitat with enough resources for our Bees.


Almost 70% of food produced need some form of pollination, and studies have shown that Australian Native Bees are some of the best pollinators around, as they are gentle on the flowers.


There are approximately 1,800 Native Bee varieties ranging from as small as 2mm, to as large as 26mm and we still have much more to learn about them. We are working closely with several other Australian Native Stingless Bee Organisations to continually have the most accurate and up-to-date information and techniques as the Native Bee industry is constantly evolving and learning.

What We Do


We aim to create a community of knowledgeable people to help protect and populate our Australian Native Stingless Bees. We provide you with everything you need to Bee Prepared! Whether it is through rescues, workshops, education, pollination or spreading our love of Native Bee as far as possible.

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